About Strange Violet

About the Artist

Hello, I’m Ash Oreline Evenson, an Austin, Texas based designer and metalsmith who uses precious metals to create contemporary heirloom jewelry. The most common techniques I use are (1) chasing and repoussé and (2) hand-sawing my illustrations followed by carving directly into metal to produce tactilely pleasing, three-dimensional pieces. I use these techniques to fabricate wearable sculptures that are inspired by myth, magic, fantasy, and science. 

I began metal-smithing back in 2006 and then took a break around 2010 to pursue an academic career in biological anthropology. I came back to jewelry around 2017 when I was in a lot of physical pain from an ongoing health issues. Due to that, I was continuously focusing my design work on these fantastical scenes filled with whimsy because through the fabrication of those designs I found moments of freedom from pain, happiness at what I created, and priceless little moments of escapism. Currently, my health is in a much better place, but I still find that a driving force behind my designs is to bring that escapist moment of fantasy and whimsy to whoever else might need a moment of reprieve. I also believe that this experience filtered into my love of exploring the concept of using the body as an alter, and thinking of each piece we put on as a thought to the energies that we are trying to invoke in our day to day life. 



Commitment to Sustainability, Environment, & Global Community

As a business that utilizes natural materials, Strange Violet is committed to making sure that the impact on the environment is as gentle as possible. I do my best to make sure all metals used are recycled, all packaging is either biodegradable or made from recycled materials, and is recyclable in turn.

All production of original pieces are done in studio in Austin, Texas. I am not currently able to handle the casting of replicas in studio due to space, equipment, and time restraints, but all casting is handled by small, independently-owned businesses here in the United States using recycled materials and fair wages. After casting, all pieces are then finished, detailed, and polished back here in the Austin studio. By maintaining these standards and making sure all production has as small of a footprint as possible, it aids in the overall impact Strange Violet has on the environment.

A main tenet Strange Violet was founded on is giving back to the global community. Currently, 25% of the proceeds for the Sunflower Talisman goes to Doctors Without Borders. More donation pieces are to come. 

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